We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which regulates the principles and requirements of a Quality Management System and the ISO-14001: 2004, which ensures better reuse and recycling of our residues, thus acquiring an attitude responsible to the environment.

ACOLSA has in its own laboratory facilities where all controls are performed at all stages of the process, ensuring quality and conformity of the final product, as well as also being certified by an external laboratory. The team is highly qualified and has all the necessary technology for this purpose.

At ACOLSA with the use of the HACCP System (Analysis and Critical Control Point), we have achieved consistent quality controls from the initial stages of reception of raw and auxiliary materials, throughout the refining process up to the final product. We ensure quality control and traceability in each and every activity and area necessary to achieve a high Quality product, that is, each raw material that enters is controlled, monitored, analyzed, processed and stored to achieve maximum guarantee of both quality and safety.