More than 30 years of experience.

Actividades Oleícolas, S.A., was founded in 1985 by Antonio Gallego Romero and Antonio Astolfi Cuesta as a direct response to a rising demand in oil obtained from olive pomace. The founding members, from long-standing oil-producing families, established as cornerstone principles of the company the high quality of products and the strict compliance with customer and business commitments. Today, a second generation of this family company is taking responsibility for its management.

In 2004 the company began an ambitious investment plan and replacement of equipment that makes it today one of the most modern refineries, with largest production volume of refined pomace olive oil in the world. The Management Board at ACOLSA has defined lines of action aimed at the achievement of objectives to ensure sustainable growth of the company and its development, whilst guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

Based on these principles, our commitment to our customers, suppliers, employees and society are:

· Ensuring the quality of our products.

· To meet or exceed the requirements of our clients.

· Comply with legal or regulatory requirements, especially those regarding health, safety and environmental protection.

· To continuously improve our processes, procedures and products as a way to grow sustainably and profitably.

· To ensure working conditions that allow our employees to develop personally and professionally.


At ACOLSA, the main goal of the Business and Administrative Management at all levels of the company: directors, partners or employees, is customer flexibility and the full implementation of commitments undertaken.

From the Commercial side of the business, we respond to customer’s requests from the higher levels of the company in order to act swiftly and effectively in decision making. That personalized attention allows us to understand the needs of customers and even assist in their marketing strategies.

From the Administrative side of the business, we provide staff adapted to the needs of each client, implementing all the sale transaction documentation and procedural steps with reliability and professionalism, be it Domestic or Export. The company directors are aware at all times of the daily modus operandi in order to be responsive to any potential problem arising.